CALGARY BAY WILD CAMPING CODE       Click here to print

Calgary Bay is owned by Argyll & Bute Council. This is not an official camp site but wild camping is permitted. Wild camping means short stay camping only. Our aim is to protect and preserve this beautiful area for the enjoyment of all.

  • Fires. Please do not gather wood from nearby woodland. Use existing hearths - no fires on the machair. Use driftwood and/or bought wood available locally.

  • Water. Please note that tap water or burn water is not fit for drinking.Rubbish. Please clear up after your stay. Where possible, take rubbish away.
  • Noise. Please respect and consider others. Keep noise down, especially after 10.00pm.
  • Dogs. Please remember to keep your dog under control.
  • Flora. This area is a SSSI and is specially protected as it is made up of a special grassland known as machair. Machair develops over time as calcareous sand is blown inland from the beaches and dunes by strong winds. The flora living on the machair is unique and it owes its origin to traditional grazing of cattle and sheep. Machair in Argyll makes up 10-20% of the world's Machair resource. You can help by taking care not to damage the vegetation.